Toolbox Talks – Domestic Violence Awareness Training for Construction Sites in Sydney

TT Logo GreenAs part of the NSW Government Domestic and Family Violence Blueprint for Reform 2016-2021, a $20 million Domestic & Family Violence Innovation Fund was announced in 2016.  Seven projects were chosen in Round One of the Innovation Fund, including Toolbox Talks, a submission by Sutherland Shire Family Services.

​Sutherland Shire Family Services have developed a Domestic Violence Awareness Program designed specifically for the Construction Industry in the greater Sydney region, aimed at addressing bystander behaviour, and creating a shift in organisational attitudes in relation to domestic and family violence.

Why the Construction Industry?

The Construction Industry in Australia employs over 1.1million people, and has a high concentration of male workers in the 25 – 34yrs age bracket, making it an attractive market to target awareness programs, and access for referral services.

Construction Industry Stats

How does Toolbox Talks work?

TT Brochure CoverSutherland Shire Family Services offer three programs to Contruction Companies:

Toolbox Talks

The Toolbox Talk session is delivered directly on the construction work site.
It is delivered on a very tight time-frame so as not to impede on the day-to-day running of the site; The Toolbox Talk is designed to address the objectives of the workplace domestic violence awareness program as succinctly as possible without diluting the message.


The Training session, like the Toolbox Talk is aimed at all levels, however, allows more time for the viewing of short films and the opportunity to un-pack and discuss real domestic violence scenarios. It also offers practical solutions on how men can respond to domestic violence and provides referral information on where help and advice can be sought.

Management Training

The Management Training is intended for all managers, including Human Resources and Diversity Committees, Developers and Builders, Project Managers, Site Managers, Team Leaders and Educational Institutions. This training offers a deeper understanding of the subject matter and is designed to equip staff with knowledge on the coercive and controlling behaviours of perpetrators of violence. The session allows for robust discussions that may aide in the development and implementation of a workplace domestic violence policy. It also offers practical strategies on how to lead a team to stand up against gendered violence and how to have conversations with workers in a supportive manner, if or when domestic violence may be occurring.

TT Program Options

Each session includes a range of content related material for participants

TT Materials

Want Toolbox Talks on your Job-site?

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