Services for Youth

shutterstock_73695892Our Youth & Family Worker Program is available at both the Jannali and Engadine sites (Engadine District Youth Service – EDYS). The program provides a range of programs, support, information and /or referrals which assist young people (aged 12-18 years), their families and carers, in an environment that is non-judgemental, safe and friendly.

Any young person struggling with any of the following issues is able to access help from us, either by calling the service directly themselves, or by being referred by an agency, relative or friend.

  •      family relationships,
  •      adolescent/parent conflict,
  •      family violence,
  •      peer relationships,
  •      education and employment,
  •      mental or sexual health,
  •      sexuality,
  •      gender identity
  •      living and social skills,
  •      accommodation or
  •      the law










The Youth and Family Worker is able to:

  •      help you find ways to feel more connected to your family,
  •      assist you to understand who else may be available to help,
  •      help you  express your worries to ensure your needs are met,
  •      be a safe option when things get tough,
  •      listen to your concerns about school, family or friendships,
  •      talk to you about healthy and unhealthy relationships, and,
  •      Offer programs and sessions where you can relax with friends and get involved in fun activities








 Engadine District Youth Service (EDYS)

EDYS is one of the Shire’s premier Youth Centres, located in the heart of Engadine right near public transport. It’s a great place for young people to relax with friends (and maybe have a game of pool or table tennis), use the internet, get involved with fun activities, learn new skills, and chat to qualified youth workers about what’s important to them. There is also the Vida Lounge Café, offering inexpensive food and drinks, making it the ideal hang out place for teens in the Shire.

EDYS offers information, support and activities that encourage informed decision making and allow Young People to explore challenges and experience differences in a professional, respectful and inclusive environment. EDYS is a safe, non-judgmental place that is alcohol and drug free. The services EDYS provide are free, primarily designed for young people aged 11 to 18 years. Staff at EDYS understand the important role parents, carers, families and other adults play in the lives of young people so some of our services and activities are also available to them as well.