Local child educators gather to learn from Shire experts on Child Trauma

1 September 2017

In recognition of Child Protection Week 2017, The Sutherland Shire Child Protection & Child Wellbeing Committee – made up of a collaboration of local service providers – will present an information session next Tuesday afternoon (5th September) to support those on the frontline – our pre-school and primary school educators – around the impacts of early childhood trauma. The evening’s presentation was titled “Trauma and Schools: Helping Child Educators support children in Complex Environments”.

To be held at Sutherland Public School hall, the event has already attracted interest from over 100 local school principals, teachers and counsellors, with an interest in child protection and child trauma. The incredible interest in the event reinforces the commitment of these educators to build on the shared knowledge and capacity to support local families.

The key presenters at this event, Jodie Hines from Sutherland Shire Family Services, and Kate Plaza, Child Psychologist from the Child Protection Counselling Service, have extensive experience in working with children and families who have experienced trauma, and are committed to sharing practical skills to help local frontline educators to help them identify, respond and manage the impacts children affected from the trauma they have experienced.

The Sutherland Shire Child Protection & Child Wellbeing Committee member organisations are Sutherland Shire Family Services, NSW Health, NSW Family & Community Services, Family Referral Service, Child Protection Counselling Service & SDN Children’s Services. The afternoon will also provide an opportunity for these organisations to showcase the work they do, so attendees can be better informed about the support available in the community.

“Collaborative events such as this presentation are a wonderful opportunity for the various services working in this space to come together to collectively present consistent messaging on important topics and create awareness for services available within our community. We are so encouraged by the interest in this event and look forward to sharing our knowledge with teachers – the work they do is so important in identifying behaviours that may lead to life saving interventions – they are the champions in our fight to keep the children of the Shire safe.”, said Diane Manns about the event.

The Sutherland Shire Child Protection & Child Wellbeing Committee meets monthly to share best practice information, latest research and intragroup referrals to ensure families and children seeking support services get the best coordinated experience and ultimately the help they need.

Trauma & Schools