Draw The Line

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Thank you for your interest in our “Draw The Line Against Domestic Family Violence” initiative.

As our major schools’ fundraiser for 2019, we’re asking you to co-ordinate a fundraising event and invite students to help us create change by donating theirs – to raise money for Sutherland Shire Family Services, a local charity that helps local families impacted by domestic violence.

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As well as raising funds to support SSFS, this initiative gives schools, teachers and parents an opportunity to talk about domestic & family violence, and impart important messages to promote the safety and wellbeing of families in the Shire in age-appropriate ways.

As much as we don’t like to think it happens in our backyard, on average, 12 Shire families report a domestic violence incident to Police EVERY DAY. We also know that many more choose not to involve Police, but behind closed doors, families, women and children are hurting.

Schools are invited to register their interest by the end of April, to be sent an information pack about communicating and delivering the initiative in your school.

Each participating school chooses a day in June that fits within their school calendar to hold their “Draw The Line” Day, asking students to bring in their loose change to “line up”.

Each school’s donations will be lined up and measured, with schools competing against each other for prizes for “longest line per student” (total length divided by the number of students enrolled) – meaning smaller schools compete evenly with larger schools.

Most importantly, we are looking for children and teachers to engage with the messaging and we’re hoping this leads to valuable conversations with families.

If you have any questions about this initiative, please call our office on (02) 9528 2933.